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EPK... - June 21, 2016

E.P.K.....Still in the works on that ....Second helping is looking into a Venue that can provide an atmosphere and stage experience worthy of a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute.....stay tuned...S.H.

EPK - May 19, 2016

Second Helping is now working towards making our EPK. Should be ready in August. Keep a Look out for show dates. ...Thank you

Second Helping ...New Songs - March 8, 2015

  Second Helping... is in the process of adding new songs ( Ronnie Van Zant era) to the set list ....answering the call of so many of our fans around the country to play their "favorite" Skynyrd songs .....So Stay tuned...we have  more.......Skynyrd comin' atcha...........

Happy Holiday's - November 25, 2012

Second Helping would like to Wish everyone a Safe an Happy Holiday Season!!!!

Dukes Eye Center Pediatric Benefit - August 15, 2012

We will be performing this weekend August 18th At Dirt's Cycle Shack in La.Grange NC. Please come out and support a worthy cause, Also appearing is Straight Wire and three easy Pieces. Open at 11 the bands start at 2 Second Helping goes on at 9(All proceeds go to Dukes Eye Center Pediatric ). S.H.

Ever-After - May 3, 2012

Chris McCallister former member and founding guitarist of Second Helping will be performing a variety of Skynyrd Classics with the band this weekend. We appreciate him being there in our time of need. We soon expect our regular line up to be in full operation, and we are looking forward to entertaining you this summer, from the # 1 Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd in the world..... Keep the FreeBird Flying
Second Helping

Ocean City BikeFest - September 12, 2011

Guess Who??    The Guess Who  that's who we'll be opening for in Ocean City Maryland on Sept 16 2011. Awsome!!!

And then on the 17th come out and party with us and the Cherry People guaranteed to be an  experience not soon to be forgotten...                                           Second Helping.

RidgeFest - July 17, 2011

Taking the Tribute show to the Ridge... the Southern man is commin atcha Chicago  and not to mention Ted Nugent...................Illinois fliing the free bird.........yyeeehhhaaaaaahhhhhh    !!!!.........................................  Sincerley The Second Helping Band

New Beginings Same Great Music - February 21, 2011

Second Helping would like to announce the addition of two very talented and seasoned guitarists.  Jon (diesel) Riggs, and Jesse Nelms. Second Helping took great pains to find the right people of character and skills to carry the torch in our pursuit of the ultimate Tribute to Lynrd Skynrd. There professionalism and experience yields great homage and respect for Southern Rock and The Legends That are Lynyrd Skynrd. Preparations and planning for upcoming unveiling of new line up are running smoothly and are proving to be a great step towards the future.


Sincerely, the Second Helping Band

Tony Byrd - November 26, 2010

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of a great talent. Tony passed away this past Sunday, November 21st. He was a tremendous talent that few will ever witness. Tony simply loved the guitar, playing them, making them, and working on them.

Please keep his family in your prayers for their untimely loss. Tony we will miss you, but we also know that you will be in our hearts every time we take the stage. We have lost a great talent, a great songwriter, and a southern gentlemen. Heaven has gained a new lead guitar player in Rockn' Roll Heaven. Fly on Freebird you are free at last.

The Second Helping Band

woodshed - October 15, 2010

comin at ya South Carolina Nov.21 Mrytle Beach

Great Southern Hospitality In W.V. - July 26, 2010

Thank You to all the many fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd who showed up and helped to make our show such a success.Hope to see each and every one of you next year.Keep the Free Bird flying--------S.H.

Welcome Allie - July 7, 2010

I would like to anounce the birth and welcome my niece (my littlist and biggest fan) to the world Allie Renee Miller. Born to Robbie and Renee Miller June 19,2010. ..........xoxoxJames Jones........ Welcome home Allie Cat

Chris' Mom Has Passed - January 18, 2010

Chris was very fortunate to make it home to his mother yesterday. His mother died suddenly from a stroke while Chris, Agat, and their two children were visiting in West Virginia. The family is deeply mourning her. The two children were present when she died. We would ask your thoughts and prayers be directed to them and for them at this time.


The Second Helping Band

Chris McCallister resigns from Second Helping - January 17, 2010

It is with heavy heart and regret that I must resign from Second Helping effective immediately. My mother is gravely ill. Mom has a terrible heart condition and my Step-Father is getting to old to take care of her. As a result, my family and I will have to travel to West Virginia more and more. It is believed that mom may live a few months to a few years, we simply do not know. I am having a difficult time watching this vibrant, Sicilian woman, who is my rock, fade away. We Italians are a tough group of folk but this has overwhelmed me. My mom means everything to me and at the same time I can not commit to shows with SH. I hope everyone understands that this is something I must do. I must be there for my Mother. The band will replace me with an amazing guitar player within the next few days. They will announce this soon. I would like to say it has been a humbling experience for me to have played with such an array of talented musicians like yourselves. Each one of you are special in my eyes.


Gary Muchmore  - Second Helping is your baby, you pushed us to do this in 1988, when no one elses was doing this. You took us from the garage to the national level. You truly are brother.

J.D. – Your are still missed by me today.

Hefty and Wing – I love you guys as much as I love my own kin. See you this summer.

Freddy George – There is no song in the world I love more that “Physical Addition” and “Ibuprofen Blues.” To have written music with you was a privilege…especially when other bands recorded our songs!  J

Brian Jefferies – Wow brother, what can I say you still are amazing on that Les Paul

Bam Bam – Dude you are a thumper---loved touring with ya!

James Jones – What great passion you have for guitar playing. Your passion has rubbed off.

D.B. Edwards – You are a brother.

Tinker – Clearly one of the nicest friends a friend could have.

Joey Gillette – Simply the best…just wowed by your playing.

Tojo – My dear brother in more way than one, what excellent tone you have on that Strat!

Jackie Johnson – The sweetest man I know. I have always treasured your friendship and fellowship.

Billy Davis – I would have been lost more times than none without you. Thanks for being a buddy, a dad, and a brother.

Harry Tueting – You, Ricky, and Debi were the funniest people in the world to travel with.

Nate Campbell – Eventually we will get together again…sorry we could not get together a few weeks ago. You are a solid friend.

Mark Basile – Nobody plays Rossington like you. You have always impressed me in more way than one. We had many, many fun shows. I enjoyed just hanging around you.

Vinny Flash – Always a gentleman and a great soundman. You were always a breath of fresh air. I have always thought highly of you.

Tom Perry – I love ya like a brother.

Richard Lustig - My buddy...22 years Richard...this is all your fault. Thank you for all you have done for Second Helping. You are the greatest.

Eric Tolnes – Buddy I want to be just like you on the guitar when I grow up. You are a freak. I always enjoyed our philosophical talks the most.

Rich Tancredi – From the moment I meet you I liked you. You have made me laugh till I had stomach cramps. It was a privilege to have played next to you. Your musicianship is like no one I have ever heard. I would swear you are Billy Powell incarnate…You are amazing!

Rick King – A dear friend, my traveling buddy, my roommate, I love ya like a brother…You are an amazing player. Thanks for always telling me what I needed to hear good or bad.

Bob Long – You most of all you. I am speechless where do I even begin? You mean a lot to me and over the years you have helped me and my family out so much. No one can sing Ronnie like you. I was always impressed by your songwriting skills…and a little thing everyone may not know and that is that you are a fantastic guitar player. I luv ya man :-)

The Girls – Fleeta, Lauren, Debi, Kathy, Snowflake, Pamand Trish…you sing like angels!


If I missed someone, I do apologize. Thank you to each one of you. I wish all of you great success and loads of happiness. Thank you for the fond memories, keep Skynyrd music alive wherever you are.


I am your biggest fan,


Chris McCallister

Kinston, North Carolina - January 1, 2010

The band would like to say thanks to everyone that came out. It is always a good time for us to play at home. From Second Helping to all of you, here is to a more prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year. Live fun everyone!

Second Helping helps raise $10,000 for needy - August 23, 2009

Second Helping hit yet another benchmark in the Tribute band world. Last night, Second Helping played The Seven Springs Music Festival, over 1500 people attended to raise money for two local families in need. Chris McCallister, the bands founder commented, "its just a great feeling to help The Roddy and Warters families and we were honored to donte our performance. The band really put it out there for them". Last year, the band experienced logistical problems and could not perform because of schedule conflicts. This year, Second Helping blew the roof off. The event was a tremendous success raising more than $10,000. Other bands participating in the event included Ragged Edge, Spare Change, Presence, Avalanche, Diggerfoot and the Kevin Lee Band.

A side note to the event, former Second Helping piano player, Jackie Johnson, filled in for Rich Tancredi who had a family obligation and could not perform with the band. Jackie did a great job, and the band enjoyed playing with him again.

Cheryl Lynn, a patron and attendee of the event said , "I attended the benefit event last year hoping to hear some quality music. I was disappointed last year. What I heard and saw tonight was much better than other Skynyrd tribute bands from this area. Actually better than Skynyrd itself since I just saw them last month. There is a real difference, and if you know Skynyrd music, you will definitely hear it. We were blown away."

The band is now heading to Tennessee to play several shows before returning to the east coast and shows in New York and New Jersey in November.

MUSICFEST NC STYLE - August 16, 2009

This saturday night, Second Helping will be playing a star studded music festival in Kinston North Carolina. Last year, there was a conflict in the bands schedule and the band couldn't play the show. This year, through the band's founder Chris McCallister's efforts, Second Helping is proud to appear and help the community raise money for people in need. The band has several of its members flying in from New York to particpate in this great event. A lot of people do not know how charitable Chris McCallister is and what a big heart he has. The band is excited to play this event and honor Chris for all of his efforts on behalf of the less fortunate in Kinston.

Chicago - July 20, 2009

Great news, we will trucking up to Chicago in 3 weeks. Everyone is psyched to get some deep dish pizza in the windy city. We just came off a great show in Atlanta and we have added a song or two to our set list. We also just received some offers from venues in Arizona and New York City, so we will let you know when the contracts are signed.

Remember, to find out exactly where we are playing, you will have to join our mailing list.

Wild Bill's Atlanta - June 17, 2009

The band has been booked by the largest club venue on the eastern seaboard - Wild Bill's Atlanta The band will be adding several new songs to its authentic 1970's Lynyrd Skynyrd show. "We are going FLAT OUT for Wild Bill's," stated Chris McCallister, one of the guitar players for Second Helping. Wild Bill's is the premiere concert venue on the east coast, and the band is working several new things into its show, including a video tribute.

Dreama Denver and the Bob Denver Foundation - June 17, 2009

What a wonderful weekend in West Virginia, the food, hospitality and shows were great. The band had the honor and good fortune of meeting its newest fan, Dreama Denver, the wife of television icon, Bob Denver (a/k/a Gilligan). We spent a lot of time with Dreama, who came to both of our shows, and we all spent time with her, learning about Bob and her wonderful contributions to music and the arts. Dreama runs a radio station called "little buddy radio" which you can enjoy from your desktop by going to Its a wonderful station that plays all types of music.

It was a pleasure meeting you, and we promise to keep in touch. God bless you and Bob.

Jean King - June 15, 2009

It is with sad news and heavy hearts that we announce the untimely passing of Rick's mother Jean King. Jean was an absolutely sweet lady that all will miss deeply.

Second Helping gets a new piano - June 5, 2009

The band announced today that it has bought a White Baby Grand piano that will take the stage next weekend in West Virginia. Skynyrd was known for dragging around a white grand piano and the piano was a permanent fixture of Skynyrd's. Second Helping is now the ONLY Skynyrd show to use a white baby grand piano. The piano, a Samick, is being delivered to the band in time for next weeks shows. When asked about playability, the piano answered "I heard about this guy Tancredi but I haven't played with him yet, so I'll let you know after the shows". The piano has been covering piano parts for the last 14 years and is excited to try its hand at the legendary Billy Powell parts. "I can handle the parts, its up to Tancredi not to mess me up", it stated. "I am glad the piano joined the band and I think it will make a great addition, but I am going to have to put it in its place", noted Rich Tancredi, Second Helpings piano player. "These are the hardest rock piano parts that have ever been written, so it will have to lose its attitude REAL FAST!", noted Tancredi.

10,000 Fans Keep Rockin! - May 29, 2009

In two weeks, Second Helping will be playing two shows in West Virginia, at the Coalfield Jamboree, and The Magnolia Fair. Attendance at those two shows is expected to put this years Second Helping concertgoers over 10,000 strong. The band estimates that its total 2009 attendance will reach 30,000 fans, but that number can grow to 50,000 depending on weather.

Rich Lustig, the band's booking agent, expects an increase in the number of shows the band plays annually from around 12 to 40 over the next 12 months.

Maynard's 2009 - May 28, 2009

Second Helping performed with its new line up this past friday night at the famous Maynards Entertainment center in North Carolina. The performance of the band was as described by attendee's as "WHITE HOT." "Every single little guitar riff and lick was there, as well as all the piano parts," stated Colton Billinghame, a long time Skynyrd fan. "I have seen numerous tribute bands, but this was like seeing Skynyrd in person, no,...... it was much better," stated Billinghame.
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